Consign and Sell Guns Now While the Market is Strong!

For months, the firearms market has been white hot as demand is insatiable among consumers. With many factors leading to high sales and record prices (COVID-19, economic uncertainty, Democrats in control of the White House), gun owners looking to sell some inventory may want to capitalize on this trend and sell at the top of the market before demand slows. Tactical firearms and self-defense weapons are performing the strongest in the pre-owned/used market as prices for that style of firearm is selling in some cases more than they were worth brand new from gun retailers.

There are other strong performing firearm sales for investment grade guns from many different manufacturers and with demand forecasted to be strong in the coming months, re-sale values may continue to climb. From old German Lugers to modern Daniel Defense rifles, the market has never performed stronger for the resale of expensive and highly coveted guns.

With that in mind, it is recommended that gun owners looking to capitalize on this market should use Dunlap Gun Consignment, the premier consignment service that guarantees fetching top dollar on the sale of firearms. Dunlap Gun Consignment guarantees selling firearms and fetching top dollar on the sale within 15 – 30 days of using the service, something that no other competitors can offer.

Dunlap Gun Consigners utilizes reliable and up to date sales data to sale what a gun is worth in current market conditions, employs cutting edge marketing tactics and showcases guns to an expansive online consumer audience that traverses the entire United States, increasing the likelihood that the sale will get the most bang for the owners buck. Additionally, we cover all transfer fees, shipping, insurance and all other associated costs selling firearms while our clients rest easy from the comfort of home.

Our process allows clients to use our service from start to finish without having to leave home, as we can schedule a UPS pickup to retrieve their shipment. The days of haggling with local gun shops and pawn brokers are a thing of the past as we are a federally licensed consignment service that has helped thousands of clients sale their gun legally and for a fair and honest price to reflect the current market.

For those that are skeptical, check out our recent sales to see what Dunlap Gun Consignment can achieve for our clients. But, for those who are interested to inquire about their firearm, get started here with our free, no obligations quote now and get the professional touch.