Our Process

The values listed below are approximate, they are based on what’s common for our process.   The entire process typically takes under 30 days, from the day we receive your gun.

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Inquiry & Appraisal

Once we receive your inquiry, we review your gun and provide an appraisal of what your gun will likely sell for.

Day 1
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Consignment Agreement & Firearm Shipping

If the appraisal price and consignment agreement is agreeable, we guide you through safely shipping & packaging your firearm(s). We pay for all shipping and transfer costs.

Day 2 – 5
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Firearm Received & Prepared for Sale

Once we receive your gun, a professional evaluation is done and we prepare your firearm to be showcased. Professional cleaning, repair (if needed) are done to maximizing resale values. Professional photography is taken and marketing content created to best promote and showcase the firearm.

Day 6 – 9
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Promote & Sell

Your firearm is promoted to an audience of over 3 million gun enthusiasts and collectors. A “highest-bidder” type of sales process will ensue and your firearm will be sold.

Day 10 – 20
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Collect Payment & Legal Transfer to Buyer

Payment is collected from the buyer, all Federal Firearms License (FFL) paperwork completed, and the item is professionally packaged and shipped to the new owner according to Federal & State Laws.

Day 21 – 25
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Payment & Bill of Sale Sent to Consignor

We send the consignor their net payment and an official Bill of Sale. Payment via direct deposit arrives in 24 hours, a business check in 3-7 days.

Day 26 – 30