Dunlap Gun Consigners: The Trusted Solution for Local Firearm Sales

Understanding the Value of Your Firearm

“How much do guns cost?, How much is my gun worth?” These are common questions among gun owners looking to sell their firearms. At Dunlap Gun Consigners, we recognize the importance of these questions and are dedicated to providing comprehensive answers to these questions as well as a hassle free option to capitalize on the answers we provide. Our expertise in the firearms market across the United States allows us to offer gun owners an up-to-date valuation of their gun. Whether seeking the current market value of your firearm or exploring options for selling firearms locally, our transparent pricing strategy is designed to offer clarity and fairness to all gun owners.

Why Use Dunlap Gun Consigners?

Wondering how to sell your gun swiftly and without any complications? Dunlap Gun Consigners has streamlined the process to eliminate the typical delays associated with gun selling. Our efficient approach provides a quick and hassle-free payment, making us an ideal choice for those asking, “Where can I sell my gun near me?” We ensure a smooth and efficient transaction, prioritizing convenience and customer satisfaction. We provide sellers a quick and hassle-free payment while also ensuring guns sell for top dollar. We guarantee closing a sale, issuing payment and a bill of sale to our clients within 30 days of agreeing to use our service.

Selling your firearms has never been easier with Dunlap Gun Consignment. We’ve broken down the process into a few simple steps, directly addressing the common question of “how to sell a gun”:

  • Get an Offer: Submit an inquiry with your firearm’s details. Our expert team will assess it and provide an accurate range, answering your question, “How much is my gun worth?”
  • Pack Your Guns: We provide clear packing guidelines to ensure your firearm’s safe transit to us. Best of all, we cover all costs including shipping, insurance and transfer fees.
  • Get Your Money: We pay our clients faster than any other online consignment service in the industry. No longer will sellers have to wait for scheduled in-person auctions or be limited to a regional pool of buyers. We showcase firearms to thousand of potential customers across the United States on GunBroker.com, where we are a top 20 seller.

We Consign A Wide Range of Firearms

From black powder antiques to modern tactical bullpups, we maximize the sale of all firearms and guarantee top dollar that reflects the current market. At Dunlap Gun Consigners, we offer accurate, market-based evaluations for a variety of firearms, ensuring sellers receive accurate prices for handguns, be they classic revolvers or modern semi-automatics. We ensure quick and fair appraisals for a diverse selection of rifles of all types, from hunting to tactical models. We offer fast, hassle-free offers for shotguns, whether dependable pump-actions or elegant double-barrels.

Dunlap Gun Buyers is the best answer when searching for “where to sell guns locally” or “where can I sell my gun near me?” We are a close option for anyone with a computer or smartphone handy. Our dedication to transparent pricing, rapid payments and an effortless selling process ensures a pleasant and profitable experience for gun owners liquidating a collection or reducing stockpiles of firearms. Place your trust in us to justly value your firearms and manage all aspects of the sale with professionalism and expertise.

We are the trusted source for gun owners nationwide, offering a straightforward, reliable and beneficial path for selling firearms. Our expertise, commitment to fairness, and streamlined processes are designed to bring ease and peace of mind to your gun selling journey.

For more information about our services or to make an inquiry, click here to get started or give us a call at (775) 636-8218.