Maximizing the Sale of Your Gun with Dunlap Gun Consignment

The world of firearms can be as intricate as the mechanisms within a gun itself. Owning a firearm is a significant responsibility, but what about selling one? The process of selling a firearm presents its own set of challenges and complexities. Let’s explore the concept of gun consignment, its benefits, drawbacks and how it can help maximize the sale of your firearm.

Understanding the Term Gun Consignment

At its core, gun consignment is a method that allows gun owners to sell their firearms through a third party. Instead of selling the firearm directly, the owner hands it over to a dealer who takes on the responsibility of selling it on their behalf. Payment is only made to the seller once the firearm finds a new owner.

What are the Benefits of Gun Consignment?

  • Hassle-free Experience: The entire selling process, from pricing to the final sale, is managed by the dealer, relieving the owner of the associated responsibilities and stress.
  • Expertise: Dealers often possess expertise in pricing and marketing, ensuring that your firearm fetches a fair and competitive price in the market.
  • Save Time: Consigning your firearm means you don’t have to vet potential buyers or invest time in marketing it. The dealer takes on these tasks, saving gun sellers valuable time.

While many consignment services occur through local shops, these options may have limitations, including a smaller potential buyer base and uncertain sale timelines. Firearms can sit on the shelves of brick-and-mortar retail spaces for months or even years, and dealers may take a substantial cut from the sales price.

Dunlap Gun Consigners offers a modern solution to gun consignment, designed to maximize the sale of your firearm. With Dunlap Gun Consigners, our professional firearm appraisers assess your firearm’s condition and the current market to determine the final sales price. We are experienced in effective marketing strategies to showcase firearms to potential buyers. Once a buyer is secured, we manage the transfer and payment process. Dunlap Gun Consigners is synonymous with excellence in the gun consignment industry. Gun sellers will have peace of mind even in fluctuating market scenarios. We are a top 20 seller on and have access to more than 3 million potential buyers.

Gun owners who use our platform to sell guns online will receive:

  • Our professional firearm appraisers assess your firearm’s condition and the current market, determining the optimal sales price. Our expertly crafted listings will elevate your firearm’s online visibility on, the worlds largest online marketplace for firearms.
  • We present firearms in their best light, utilizing professional photography to showcase their features and condition.
  • We guarantee that your firearm will sell for the best price available on the market, ensuring you get the maximum return on your asset.
  • We charge only a 20 percent fee for our services, always keeping our clients’ best interests in mind.
  • We promise to sell guns for our clients and issue payment within 30 days of agreeing to use our service, minimizing the waiting time for your funds.

Dunlap Gun Consigners offers a seamless, efficient, and secure route for gun owners to sell their firearms. We provide not only a hassle-free experience but also peace of mind knowing that your firearm will be sold legally and for the best possible price. Trust the professionals at Dunlap Gun Consignment when considering selling your firearm. To learn more about our services or want to make an inquiry click here to get started or give us a call at (775) 636-8218