Need to Consolidate Your Gun Collection?

Growing a gun collection is a beautiful thing. You finally found that Colt Python .357 you’ve been searching for, and spend all day at the range after purchasing it. But wait a second. Later that night an S&W .44 Magnum pops up for sale and it’s just too good of a deal to pass up on. We know the struggle all too well, and unfortunately, not all of us have the funds to impulse buy a firearm we’ve been looking to add to our collection.

Consolidating your collection seems like a daunting task. Yet, you can always downsize, and then expand your collection when the time is right. Sometimes we just need money now, and as you grow your savings back up, you can grow your collection with new firearms.gun consignment

Don’t Be Afraid to Sell Your Guns

“You want me to sell my gun??” Just remember, guns are valuable assets and there are important times in one’s life that require parting with a few of these assets.

“Gun collections are valuable and are viewed by many people as a financial investment. A well-chosen gun collection might grow in value like a 401k,” Phil Schreier, a senior curator at the National Rifle Association’s National Firearm’s Museum said in an interview with The Guardian.

One thing to remember that will ease the pain of consolidating your collection is the opportunity to add new firearms. Even if you have no immediate need to sell your gun, you can still sell one off, only to replace it with another. We all love variety, right?

Companies like us at Dunlap Gun Consigners employ professional firearm curators that help customers with this process on a daily basis. We make the process of selling your gun fast, easy and affordable. Your gun gets sold from the comfort of your home and we do all the work to sell it for you. With all that time you save, you can browse our parent company’s website: for a new gun to buy. We cover all the bases.

How to Sell Your Gun on Consignment

Selling a gun on consignment is not only easy, but the process helps you get the best price for your gun. This is because we are auctioning your gun for you online to a community of over 3.5 million gun enthusiasts and collectors. Plus, we have numerous repeat customers that are in direct contact with us in search of specific firearms. Our years of experience in the firearms industry and top 100 seller status on have made us a highly reputable source to purchase and sell guns from.

The five-step process to sell your gun:

  1. Tell us about your firearm: we’ll give you an honest appraisal and the price range the gun might get via auction.
  2. Consignment agreement: if the price sounds good, we send you a consignment agreement featuring what we will do and what we need from you to auction your gun successfully.
  3. Ship your gun to us: when the consignment agreement is approved, we guide you through safely shipping and packaging your firearm and we pay for all shipping and transfer costs.
  4. We market and sell your gun: once we receive your gun, professional photography is taken, and listing content is generated to best promote your gun and market its value.
  5. We send you payment: after a winning bid is made on your firearm, your check is sent in 1-2 weeks. We handle shipping the gun to the winning bidder and all governmental documentation necessary to do so.

Check out more about our process here. The entire process typically takes under 30 days from the day we receive your gun. Here at Dunlap Gun Consigners, we professionally and efficiently sell your gun for you at the best possible price. Let us take care of all the legwork so you can take care of what’s important to you. Visit our website to get started and call us at (775) 636-9594 with any questions.