Online Guns Consignment Brings Best Prices for Sellers in Kansas

Selling a gun in Kansas can be easier when compared to other states with strict gun ownership polices.  However, just because it can be easier does not mean sellers are realizing the full potential price when selling their guns locally and through a private sale. For those who want to maximize on the sale of their guns, trust the industry leading online gun consignment service with Dunlap Gun Consignment.

We have helped investors sell large and small collections of high value guns, those who have inherited unwanted firearms through trusts, wills or estates and others who are liquidating guns from their inventory. Thousands of sellers across the United States have entrusted DCG to sell guns for top dollar and using our service takes little effort.

How to Sell Guns Using Online Consignment?

Our process has been streamlined for quick payment and minimal effort for sellers using our online gun consignment: Below is a quick explanation of steps involved when using Dunlap Gun Consignment.

  • Submit an inquiry using our online form. We ask that potential consignees to upload a few photos that show the make, model and caliber of the gun(s).
  • Once the form is submitted, our team of professional gun appraisers will respond with a range of what we believe your gun(s) will sell for and even give an option for you to sell it outright to us.
  • Once an agreement has been reached, DGC will provide pre-paid shipping label(s) to send the firearm to our facility. We also cover insurance for the shipment, transfer fees for the gun and all other associated costs buying from our clients. All we ask is our clients to supply a box and adequate padding for shipping. We can help cover shipping costs for those who can’t afford shipping materials.
  • Once we receive the firearm(s), we inspect it and confirm it is in the same condition as represented in the photos. Once confirmed, we proceed with cleaning and showcasing the firearm with professional photography while implementing cutting edge marketing techniques.
  • Once the gun(s) sell, we issue payment and bill of sale right away.

Our recent sales highlight not only how we showcase firearms sold through our online firearm consignment it also confirms that wed sale guns for premium prices for clients that sell through us. Other gun consignment services want sellers to believe they can maximize the sale price for guns. What they don’t explain is that they are bogged down by certain sales dates, local audiences and other antiquated practices that negatively affect the seller’s bottom line. These limitations are a thing of the past with DGC. We advertise firearms to a pool of millions of potential buyers from across the U.S. using our own sales channels. Additionally, we are a top seller on, the world’s largest online marketplace for firearms.

Still not convinced, well maybe our guarantee of selling clients’ guns and issuing payment within 30 days of agreeing to use our service may be the deciding factor.

Estate sales professionals, legal entities, collectors and everything in between have turned to us to yield the best results when it comes to selling guns for the best price through a federally licensed dealer. Don’t settle for less and use the industry leading consigners to sell a gun with Dunlap Gun Consignment.

To learn more about our services or want to make an inquiry click here to get started or give us a call at (775) 636-8218