COP 4-Shot Derringer

Sold For $1,426
Manufacturer: COP
Caliber: .357 Mag
Barrel: 3″
Bore Condition: Good
This is a COP Pepperbox 4-Shot Derringer 4-shot pistol in .38/.357 Mag. Serial number- 009115. This pistol is in excellent condition and comes with the original box, sleeve, and manual. This double-action weapon is relatively compact in size and powerful cartridge made it an option for a defensive weapon or a police backup gun. It is made of solid stainless steel components. The gun was designed in 1983 by Robert Hillberg and was manufactured by the now-defunct COP Inc. of Torrance, California. It was intended to be a compact duty back-up gun for police officers, offering the firepower of a .357 Magnum round in a compact, easy-to-conceal package.