Egyptian Greener Mark III Shotgun

Sold For $930

Manufacturer: Greener
Caliber: 12 Bore
Barrel: 26
Bore Condition: Good
This is a no reserve penny auction for a Greener Mark III lever-action single-shot shotgun in 12 Bore. Serial number – 33999. This shotgun is in good condition for its age. The Greener Mark I, II, & III were designed with unauthorized use in mind. Crime and corruption across the British Colonial Empire was common, especially in Egypt. In response, colonial police forces demanded a firearm that could not be used by unauthorized (non-police) personal from using it in a criminal action or even against the police themselves. Produced in the 1920s-1930s using the Martini-action, the Greener shotgun used a specialized striker system that could only fire the special ammo provided to police. These shotguns were used across the British Empire, but particularly in Egypt.
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<br />Please refer to the photos as a small hairline crack is seen on the top of the stock wrist, and minor pitting is seen in the bore.