Ruger Old Army

Sold For $850
Manufacturer: Ruger
Caliber: .45 BP
Barrel: 7.5″
Bore Condition: Excellent
This is a Ruger Old Army Stainless revolver in .45 Blackpowder. Serial number- 145-11993. Mfg. 1978. The Ruger Old Army is designed to be the most advanced and accurate cap and ball revolver ever made. It features an innovative hammer and base pin assembly that will not come open during recoil and can be disassembled without tools for quick and easy cleaning and maintenance, even at the range. This revolver has a round barrel, steel frame, 6-shot cylinder, fixed sights and 2-piece grips. The Ruger Old Army revolver is unusual in that, unlike most percussion revolvers on the market, it was not based on a historical design, but was a modification of Ruger's Blackhawk model, which was itself based upon the cartridge-firing Colt Peacemaker. The Old Army revolver accordingly incorporates many modern design features, though employing antiquated black-powder component loading.