Steyr Mannlicher M1895

Sold For $410
Manufacturer: Steyr
Caliber: 8x50mm
Barrel: 19.5″
Bore Condition: Good
This is a Steyr M.95 bolt-action rifle in 8x50mm. Serial number- M953404339. This rifle is in great condition considering the rifle is over 100 years old. It was manufactured in Budapest but the exact date is hard to nail down. There are a couple of minor spots of rust on the end of the barrel and the sling mount. The Steyr M1895 rifle, also known as Steyr-Mannlicher M95 straight-pull rifle, was developed by famous Austrian arms designer Ferdinand Ritter Von Mannlicher. Based on his previous M1890 design, this rifle was manufactured in Austro-Hungarian Empire at state arms factories in Steyr (Austria) and Budapest (Hungary). More than 3 million M95 rifles were produced between 1895 and 1918.