Winchester Model 94AE CM Russell Commemorative

Sold For $3,760
Manufacturer: Winchester
Caliber: .30-30
Barrel: 20″
Bore Condition: Excellent
This is a Winchester Model 94AE CM Russell Commemorative lever-action rifle in .30-30. Serial number- 6485846. This rifle is in excellent condition and is #187 of only 300 made. Through his unforgettable paintings and sculptures, Charles M. Russell brought to life the beauty and drama of the American West as only an ex-wrangler like himself could. Left side of receiver features one of Russell’s classic paintings, "Buffalo Hunt," as a pair of Indian hunters on horseback take aim at a buffalo. Right side of receiver features a scene from Russell’s painting, "The Jerkline." A drover snaps his bullwhip, guiding a team of horses as they pull a heavy wagon uphill. To the right is the self-portrait "Charles Russell on Neenah," showing the artist enjoying the Western scenery as he rides one of his favorite horses. The rifle is handsomely decorated in 24-karat gold artwork against a special blackened background for maximum contrast. Barrel bands, lever, trigger, hammer, and hooded site are decorated in 24-karat gold. The stock is laser-carved on both sides. The shoulder stock features Russell’s signature and his buffalo skull logo, along with a quiver of arrows and an inverted tomahawk. Inscribed is Russell’s quote to a friend, "The West is dead…you may lose a sweetheart but you won’t forget her." The left side also features Russell’s "Red Man of the Plains," while the right side features "Buffalo in Winter," surrounded by scrollwork. The forearm features Russell’s initials and the dates of his life.