Why You Should Sell Your Gun on Consignment

Let’s say you would like to get rid of a gun or a few guns that you no longer want, inherited one with no intent to use it, or maybe you could use the extra cash. You’re not necessarily in a rush to get rid of the gun, however, so you hold off in order to get the best price for it. Many assume private sales might be the best solution in getting top dollar for your prized piece, but this is not always the case.

If you decide to sell the gun yourself, generally, most people do not have a group of people eager and ready to buy another gun or know enough about its worth in the market. FFL (Federal Firearm License) dealers do this for a living and depending on how long they’ve been around, thousands of guns or more have gone through their hands. This makes some of the more established and successful dealers a master in this market. Some will have a large and loyal customer base of firearm enthusiasts ready to hop on the next firearm that gets listed and possess the experience to sell a gun at its optimal price. The place that embodies this experience is Dunlap Gun Consigners.

What Does it Mean to Sell Your Gun on Consignment?

A gun consigner is basically a middleman that sells your gun for you. The benefit of doing this is you have a better chance of getting your gun sold for a higher price than if you sell it on your own. However, since this gun consigner is doing the leg work for you (photographing, listing, auctioning and collecting payment), you pay the consigner a fee, generally in the form of a percentage of the sale price rather than an upfront cost. Consigner fees vary and choosing the lowest percentage you can find is often not wise as this could mean the consigner will sell your gun for less than it’s worth (places like this make their money on the number of guns they sell and do not focus on the quality each firearm they sell has).

gun consignment

How to Consign Your Guns

Where do you start? Some people go to their local gun consignment shops or pawn shops. The problem with going to a local shop is the breadth of audience interested in buying your gun is smaller than say, choosing an online consigner that has access to gun enthusiasts nationwide. You want to ensure this firearm consigner has an FFL. A Federal Firearm License (FFL) is issued by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), a law enforcement agency in the United States’ Department of Justice. This allows the business to engage in the interstate and intrastate sale of firearms.

Online gun consignments like Dunlap Gun Consigners, make the process quick and easy while obtaining a great price for your firearm.

This is our gun consignment process:

  1. Tell us about your firearm: we’ll give you an honest appraisal and the price range the gun might get via auction.
  2. Consignment agreement: if the price sounds good, we send you a consignment agreement featuring what we will do and what we need from you to auction your gun successfully.
  3. Ship your gun to us: when the consignment agreement is approved, we guide you through safely shipping and packaging your firearm and we pay for all shipping and transfer costs.
  4. We market and sell your gun: once we receive your gun, professional photography is taken, and listing content is generated to best promote your gun and market its value.
  5. We send you payment: after a winning bid is made on your firearm, your check is sent in 1-2 weeks. We handle shipping the gun to the winning bidder and all governmental documentation necessary to do so.

Getting the Most out of Your Firearm Sale

Selling your gun independently or through a local shop is not the way to get a high return on your asset. Consigning your firearm has gotten a bad wrap in the past over local pawn or consignment shops going out of business as they are in the process of selling your gun, but most shops that attempt consignment in this way are set up for failure from the beginning. You need a large following of gun enthusiasts and the right mediums or outlets to sell firearms on.

Dunlap Gun Consigners is a company under D4 Guns, a Nevada-based team of firearm curators on the hunt for rare and collectible firearms. D4 Guns has been recognized as a top 100 seller on GunBroker.com and received the official award at the National Shooting Sports Foundation’s Shot Show in Las Vegas. We also have a large following of firearm enthusiasts whom we sell guns directly through our website and currently have 203 reviews with a 4.9-star rating on Google.

If you are serious about selling your firearm for the highest price possible, Dunlap Gun Consigners have the experience, audience, and expertise to get you the best return. We guarantee your gun will sell within 15 days and you will be paid within 21 days. We are experts in selling firearms and do all the hard work for you: professional photography of your gun, create a listing, put it through auction and collect payment. All you do is send us your gun and we handle the rest!

On average, our guns sell for roughly 20% higher than the same used guns on the market. We know how to catch and hold the buyer’s attention and generate “buzz” around your firearm.

Call us today at (775) 636-9594 and visit our website here for more information.