Collectible and Investment Worthy Firearms

where to sell my collectible firearm

Buying/trading stocks, purchasing real estate, certificates of deposit, etc. are all well-known forms of investments. Any gun enthusiast knows that firearms have their place in this category. Collectible and antique firearms can go up in value just like your stocks, but of course, it will depend on the model and condition of your firearm.

Just like other investments, maintenance is essential in keeping the value of your firearm at its best. Cleaning and oiling your guns and proper storage help maintain its condition. Even if you aren’t firing it regularly, some environments like humidity can promote rust.

where to sell my collectible firearm

Guns That Hold Their Value: Collectible Firearms

We’ve put together a short list of reliable firearms that are worth being a part of your collection. Firearms like these are highly desired assets. This means if you did need to sell one off in a time where you would benefit from having cash instead, you could do so rather easily and receive its true value, dependent on its condition.

  • Colt Single Action Army – Before its time, the U.S. Army was using percussion cap revolvers. The process of loading such a weapon was slowly becoming outdated and paved the way for innovation. After the Army rejected Colt’s 1870 open top design, the gunsmiths reworked the pistol by increasing its frame strength with a top strap. The six-chamber cylinder .45-caliber revolver was adopted by the Army in 1873 and became an iconic firearm in American history.
  • Winchester Model 1873 – Often titled as being “The Gun that Won the West,” the Model 1873 was one of the most successful Winchester rifles of its time. It was conveniently chambered with popular handgun cartridges which meant the users only had to carry one type of ammunition. Beyond the Model 1873, most Winchester rifles are worth the addition to your collection through its military and historical importance, quality and special features that place these rifles in a class of their own.
  • Walther P38 – A key design feature of the P38 that has been copied many times since its introduction is the combination of a locked breech with a double-action/single-action trigger. Military and police forces around the world have adopted firearms with such features. The P38 grew to be more reliable, durable and cheaper to manufacture than its predecessor, the P08 Luger.
  • Lee Enfield Rifle – As a standard issued rifle in the British Army during both world wars, the Enfield Rifle’s reputation was built on its reliability and effectiveness in combat. The smoothness and ease of its bolt action allowed for quick follow up shots, and this was increasingly important as Britain’s small army focused on rapid-fire training techniques.
  • Parker Brothers Shotguns – The first of these historically significant shotguns were produced in 1866. Unlike other shotguns between the 1800s and early 1900s, Parker Brothers used a straight grip stock as opposed to a pistol grip. A button in front of the trigger guard was used to open the action and was a unique design feature added by a former Smith & Wesson employee that joined the team. These aesthetically pleasing, well-designed, high-end long guns were produced until 1934 and sold their production to Remington Arms Co.

The Best Way to Sell Your Investment Worthy Firearm

When you are ready to sell your investment, it is crucial that you are selling to the right audience. Appreciation for the firearm’s history, uniqueness and value are ideal for the potential buyer to embody, and trust us, there is a market of gun enthusiasts just like this that we’ve sold numerous firearms to.

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