Consign a Gun Collection with Dunlap Gun Consigners

Have you been growing a gun collection for years, but have recently noticed that your collection has started to grow more dust than guns? Did you recently inherit a large collection of firearms from a loved one, but have no interest in keeping these guns? Are you lost on what step to take next in either of these situations? Look no further, Dunlap Gun Consignment on average sells guns for roughly 20 percent higher prices than top competitors. We will make the process of selling your guns easy, fast and affordable.

What is Gun Consignment?

A gun consigner will act as a intermediary between you and the eventual buyer. For a percentage fee of the final price, Dunlap Gun Consigners will: take professional photographs of your gun(s), employ cutting edge tactics to market them, and showcase the firearms to more than 3 million gun enthusiasts and collectors across the United States.

What is the Process Like?

The whole process, from submitting your inquiry on to receiving your payment will take less than 30 days. On day one, a professional gun consigner will look over your inquiry and give you an appraisal of what we believe the gun is worth and what your gun will likely sell for. If that price and the consignment are agreed upon, we will provide you with pre-paid shipping labels and instructions to safely package your firearm, we will also cover all shipping and transfer fees in the transaction.

We then collect the payment from the buyer, complete all Federal Firearms License (FFL) paperwork and ship it to the new owner while abiding to all federal & state laws. We will then send your net payment and bill of sale via direct deposit or mailed check. Once you ship the firearm all your work is done, we handle the rest, and you get to relax.

Why Us?

We do our absolute best to provide every single person that uses our services with the absolute peak of customer service. Selling your collection through Dunlap Gun Consigners will guarantee you a fast, easy and legal process that removes all the stress that is usually involved with selling a large collection.

Can We Handle Your Collection?

No number of firearms is too much for us. Our employees are an avid group of gun enthusiasts and get excited when large collections come through our door. We are welcome to all collections, however big or small, and we promise to give you unparalleled customer service and respect while we work to sell your firearms.

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