Consign Gun Ammunition Online For Top Dollar

Do you have factory new ammunition you need to get rid of? Perhaps, you don’t have a need for that caliber, don’t shoot anymore or simply want to liquidate? Using Online gun ammunition consignment with Dunlap Gun Consignment can earn you more money than selling locally.

With Dunlap Gun Consignment, not only can you earn top dollar for your guns using our online gun consignment service, you can now make even more money on the sale of your guns when including any unwanted ammunition that comes with the gun. Not only can it help boost the final sales price of your firearm, it also alleviates the burden of not knowing what to do with the ammunition that was accumulated for the gun. Additionally, like firearms, some people are uncomfortable in a private sale setting for many reasons from feeling uneasy to not knowing a good price to sell at.

With Dunlap Gun Consignment, we take all of that hard work off your shoulders for a small fee. Our recent sales show that guns sold using our online gun consignment service consistently fetch premium prices.

Though we are now offering our consigning services for ammunition, we can only consign ammunition that is factory new in box. Unfortunately, we cannot accept any reloads, homemade munitions, or anything else outside of factory new in box bullets.

The process of making an no obligation, cost free inquiry has not changed. Simply fill out our form, and within 24 hours, our team or professional gun appraisers will provide an estimate what we project your  firearm or factory new in box ammunition will sell for. Clients that agree to use our service are only asked to box up your guns and ammunition for shipping. We will provide a pre-paid shipping label, cover insurance, transfer fees and handle all the tedious paperwork on behalf of our clients.

Firearms sold through our online gun consignment is promoted to an audience of more than 3 million gun potential buyers from across the United States. We are also a top seller on, the worlds largest online market place for firearms. Professional photography along with modern marketing tactics will be implemented during the sale of clients’ guns and ammunition.

Additionally, we guarantee selling your guns/ammunition and issuing payment and bill of sale within 30 days of agreeing to use our service. We are the leaders within the industry when it comes to fetching top dollar for guns using online gun consignment. We are a good option for estate sales professionals, gun owners with high grade firearms, those with large collections and others who have unwanted firearms.

To learn more about our services or want to make an inquiry click here to get started or give us a call at (775) 636-8218