Top Dollar for Firearms in Delaware Using Online Gun Consignment

For those who have recently inherited a gun or professionals dealing with an estate or trust with firearms, use the industry leading service that sells guns for top dollar.

At Dunlap Gun Consignment, we understand that selling a gun is not a straight forward process. According to Delaware state law, an unlicensed person cannot sell or transfer any firearm to any other unlicensed person without having conducted a criminal history background check through a licensed firearms dealer. For many, going through the hassle of advertising a firearm, finding an eligible buyer and conducting the transaction within the parameters of the law can be lengthy and the price may not be what was desired.

Thats why many have trusted Dunlap Gun Consignment with the sale of their valuable firearms. We have a track record of selling guns for premium prices for our customers. Not only do we sell guns for top dollar for our clients, we issue payments to our consignees within 30 days of agreeing to use our service. This is a guarantee no other competitors can match.

Why is Dunlap Gun Consignment a good option to sell a gun?

Our process has been fine tuned to streamline the selling process. Once an inquiry is sent, our staff responds with our estimated price range of what your gun will sell for. This is baked up by tens of thousands of reliable sales data our staff references.

When a client agrees to use our service, all that is required is for them to send the firearm to our facility. We cover all expenses to ship the firearm including insurance. From there, the consignee can relax because our staff will handle everything including:

  • Marketing the gun with professional photography
  • Showcasing the gun(s) to thousands of potential buyers through our sales channels including
  • Deal with the federal paperwork
  • Provide a bill of sale for your records
  • Issue payment in the form of a business check or direct deposit

Unlike other competitors, they may be hindered with in-person auctions, selling at specific events, or other limitations that could negatively affect the final sales price. Ensure your valuable firearm(s) are sold legally and for the for the highest amount with our service.

For lawyers, estate sales professionals and others that are dealing with an estate, trust or will that has firearms, make the smart choice and trust Dunlap Gun Consignment to maximize the sale of your inherited gun or gun collection today.

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