Best Sales Price for Guns in Alaska with Online Gun Consignment

An estate sale can be a complicated and stressful process, no matter the contents, size or value of the property. In some circumstances, this inventory may consist of items that need special attention in terms of legality, valuation and authenticity. Firearms constantly fall into this category and because of this, starting the process of selling such property can be a daunting venture.

Firearm ownership in the state of Alaska ranks 3rd highest (64.5%) in the U.S., and when looking at a roster of property in an estate sale, the likelihood of having a gun included is relatively high. Dunlap Gun Consigners will help mitigate this sense of complication by streamlining the selling process with our expert appraisers, fast shipping support and seasoned sales team. What draws many people to live and inhabit “America’s Last Frontier” is the romanticized idea of remoteness, exclusivity, and the draw of freedom and adventure. Although these ideas appeal to those living in the beautiful state of Alaska, they can easily complicate what are relatively thought of as easy tasks. So when a loved one or client needs to liquidate a large number of items in a sale, these alluring hallmarks quickly turn into annoying obstacles.  So if you live in Alaska and have a gun or guns you want to sell, now what?

According to the Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development, Alaska has lost more movers than it’s gained every year since 2013 with population declines recorded in 23 out of 30 Alaskan boroughs and census areas with the greatest population loss recorded in the Municipality of Anchorage. The reasoning for this varies from people relocating for new job opportunities, escaping the high cost of living or simply moving to live in a more temperate climate. Moreover, whether due to downsizing, divorce or death, large sales of property are a common occurrence. We guarantee to sell clients firearms and pay them out within 15 – 30 days of receiving the firearm, a promise unmatched by any other competitors within the firearms industry. Dunlap Gun Consigners uses D4 Guns (a”Top 100 GunBroker Seller” sales team), to facilitate all consignment of firearms by utilizing their brilliant marketing, advertising and research processes to get the best prices for your guns.

When considering liquidating firearms in a sale, one must consider the following:

• What firearm(s) do I have in my possession?
• Do I have a legal obligation to this firearm?
• What is the value of this property?
• What are my general options for selling this item?
• Can I easily find a potential buyer?
• How do I make sure I sell this firearm legally?

Luckily, Dunlap Gun Consigners is able to help sellers navigate any and all of these questions. We understand the feeling of finding a firearm(s) in one’s closet or storage, long lost to the original sportsman or woman who once toted this tool in the field, and the uncertainty of what to do next.

Our service allows you to relax from the comfort of home while our staff of professionals navigates the hard part of selling a firearm through consignment. Our process is not only safe and hassle-free, it is lightning fast.

To explore exactly what we can offer you, click here to start the process or give us a call and talk to one of our experts by calling (775) 636-8218.