Sell Guns in Georgia for High Prices With Online Gun Consignment

Are you an estates sales professional or a legal entity dealing with firearms that are part of a will, estate or trust in Georgia? We understand that managing an estate, will or trust can be a difficult and time consuming process. Having firearms evaluated, appraised and sold can be long and arduous ordeal. With nearly 200,000 registered firearms in the state, it is likely that coming across a gun in an inheriting is a strong possibility. Sell those firearms for top dollar with Dunlap Gun Consignment! We understand that selling a gun can be a time consuming process. From finding an eligible buyer, navigating both federal and state laws on firearms sales, advertising it and even knowing a selling price that reflects the current market are all issues that most are not equipped to deal with or are not willing to invest the time to follow through with the sale. For those who are dealing with firearms want to use a hassle free service that handles issues that come with selling a gun legally, our service offers convenience for our customers while also fetching the best price for their guns.

At Dunlap Gun Consigners, we strive to help in these situations by providing unmatched customer service and guarantee to sell your firearm for the highest possible price in a completely legal and hassle-free manner. Our efficient and streamlined process allows for quick turnaround for the sale of guns and lightning fast payments. Our gun consignment service is meant to take the weight off of your shoulders while we handle all the tedious details and legalities that come with selling a firearms. We guarantee to have your firearm appraised, sold and have our customers paid within 30 days of initial contact.

What is the Process Consigning a Gun with Dunlap Gun Consignment?

  • On day one, a professional gun consigner will look over your inquiry and give you an appraisal of what we believe the gun is worth as well as an appraisal of what your gun will likely sell for.
  • If that price and the consignment agreement are accepted, we will then provide you with pre-paid shipping labels and instructions to safely package your firearm.
  • We will also pay all insurance associated with the shipment and the federal transfer fees.
  • Once we receive your gun, it will be evaluated by a professional who will perform cleaning, repairs (if necessary) and professional photography of your gun.
  • Your firearm is then promoted to an audience of more than 3 million potential buyers across the United States and sold to the highest bidder.
  • We then collect the payment from the buyer, complete all Federal Firearms License (FFL) paperwork and ship it to the new owner all while abiding to all federal & state laws.
  • We will send the consignee the net payment and bill of sale via direct deposit or mailed business check.

Once you ship your firearm all your work is done, we handle the rest while you get to relax.

No collection is too big or too small for us to consign. Whether you have inherited one revolver or the estate that you are managing has more than 100 different types of guns, we can and have handled it all.We are the best option for estate sales professionals, people dealing with inherited guns from trusts or wills and even for collectors looking to cash in on their prized firearm collection. Our final sales price for firearms we have sold through consignment have all sold within the price ranges we have estimated for our clients and sometimes exceed those estimates.

At Dunlap Gun Consigners, we promise that the guns that you are inheriting or liquidating are sold for the best price. Our mission is to make consigning your firearm(s) as easy as possible for you while you are working on other parts of the estate or inheritance.

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