Best Prices for Guns in Florida Through Online Gun Consignment

Live in Florida and want to sell a gun that was recently inherited, part of an estate sale, trust or will? There is an easy way to command top dollar in the sale of the gun for lawyers, professional estate sales companies and all other Floridians with Dunlap Gun Consignment.

How to sell a Gun through online Consignment?

Our process is simple. Simply send us photos of the firearm you are looking to consign through our online form. A firearm appraiser will respond with an estimate that references reliable sales data of what the gun will sell for. Once a client agrees to use our gun consignment service, we will provide a pre-paid shipping label. All a client needs to do is box up the gun and ship to our facility. We handle the rest.

Once the firearm arrives, our trained staff will inspect and clean the firearm, market the gun with high quality photos and utilizing the latest marketing tactics, and showcase it to thousands of potential buyers from all over the United States. Once the firearm is sold, we issue payment to our clients and provide a bill of sale for your records.

With Dunlap Gun Consignment, we guarantee selling the gun for top dollar on behalf of our clients and issue payment within 30 days of using our gun consignment service. No other gun consignment service can match our guarantee, which is why thousands have trusted the industry leading Dunlap Gun Consignment.

We are the best option for estate sales professionals, people dealing with inherited guns from trusts or wills and even for collectors looking to cash in on their prized firearm collection. Our final sales price for firearms we have sold through consignment have all sold within the price ranges we have estimated for our clients and sometimes exceed those estimates.

We are federally licensed to sell firearms and are one of the top sellers on, the biggest online marketplace for firearms. So don’t settle for local venues or other lackluster gun consignment services and use Dunlap Gun Consignment, the industry’s best gun consignment service.

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