Online Gun Consignment Earns Top Dollar for Guns Colorado

With more than 92,000 registered guns in the state of Colorado, the likelihood that someone will inherit a gun or a professional estate sales company will come across a gun in a client’s inventory is high.

Professionals that deal with estate sales or attorneys that deal with inheritances and trusts that are looking for a consignment service to sell a gun part of the estate, trust or inheritance for the best price, look no further than Dunlap Gun Consignment!

Dunlap Gun Consignment is the industry leading firearm consignment resource that specializes in selling gun collections big and small for the best price available.

We understand that navigating a firearm sale for those unfamiliar with the market can be tricky. From knowing the legalities to selling for the right price, there are many concerns that come with selling a gun. Being familiar with state and federal law that deals with buying and selling a firearm is not something that is easily attainable without investing the time and effort, which many simply don’t have.

Additionally, without contextual knowledge of current market prices and not knowing what is a good price to sell a gun, all adds to the stress of dealing with a firearm transaction that is part of an estate, trust or inheritance. With Dunlap Gun Consignment, we will handle all those concerns and more.

Our streamlined process is committed to providing a quick turnaround for our clients that use our service as well as top dollar for their guns. DCG guarantees closing the sale of gun and issuing payment within 30 days of agreeing to use our service, something that no other competitor can match. Most consignment or gun auction services are limited to locality in which they operate. With Dunlap Gun Consignment, we showcase firearms with professional photography, advertise it with the latest marketing tactics and present it to a nationwide audience of tens of thousands of potential buyers. We utilize our own sales channels and are one of the top sellers of the largest online gun marketplace,

We cover all of the expenses including shipping, transfer fees and all other associated costs that come with selling a gun. All you do is box up your guns and ship the gun to our facility using a pre-paid shipping label we will provide. From there you can just relax while we handle all of the hard work. Rest assured DGC will give updates on the status of your gun sales every step of the way.  So sell the legal, smart and hassle free way and consign firearm(s) with Dunlap Gun Consigners.

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