Online Gun Consignment Sells Guns in Connecticut for High Prices

For those inheriting firearms through a trust, will or estate in Connecticut and want to sell the guns for the best price, use Dunlap Gun Consignment, the industry leading gun consignment service.

Let’s face it, there are pretty tough gun laws in place in Connecticut and buying or selling a firearm is not a straight forward process. From navigating a private sale, being informed on restrictions with so called “assault rifles” and completing the legal paperwork all are obstacles that many simply won’t want to deal with or don’t have the time to deal with it. Additionally, gun prices vary and market shifts are unpredictable. So knowing what is a good price to sell a gun can be challenging for those who are unfamiliar with the market.

With Dunlap Gun Consignment, we handle everything from start to finish and are available to take any questions from our clients who use our service. All clients are asked to do is simply pack up a firearm for shipping and use our pre-paid shipping label to send to our facility. From there, clients can relax and expect payment within 30 days of agreeing to use our service. This is a guarantee that no other gun consignment service can offer.

Many other competitors are limited with fixed auction dates, locality and other circumstances that limit the final sales price’s potential. Clients who have used our service have many benefits that will ensure their gun sells for the best price available on the market. The staff at DGC will take professional photography of your gun, utilize the latest marketing tactics to advertise firearms, showcase your gun(s) to a nationwide audience of thousands of potential buyers and will close the sale and issue payment faster than any other gun consignment service.

We have multiple sales channels of our own and are one of the top sellers on, the largest online marketplace for firearms. We have reliable sales date to show what guns have sold for historically and what it is potentially worth in today’s market. For lawyers, estate sales professionals and others that are dealing with an estate, trust or will that has firearms, make the smart choice and trust Dunlap Gun Consignment to maximize the sale of your inherited gun or gun collection today.

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