Consign Parker Shotguns for Top Dollar with Dunlap Gun Consigners

“I’ve never heard of Parker Bros. Is this shotgun I just inherited worth something, or will it just be stripped down for parts or used for decoration?” Are these questions you have asked yourself? If you have recently found your way into owning a Parker Bros. shotgun, whether through an inheritance, an estate sale or by any other means you are now, more than likely, in possession of a valuable firearm. If you are looking to sell it and get the highest possible amount in return, then look no further than Dunlap Gun Consignment.

Why Dunlap Gun Consignment?

We do our absolute best to provide every single person that inquire about our services with the absolute peak of customer service. We pride ourselves on being experts when it comes to all guns, especially Parker shotguns. We can identify the grade and the year your Parker shotgun was manufactured and use that information to give you an accurate estimate in terms of how much we will be able to sell your shotgun for based n its condition and what it is equipped with.

Dunlap Gun Consignment on average sells guns for roughly 20 percent higher prices than our top competitors. Not only will we give you immaculate customer service, we guarantee that your parker will be sold and payment will be distributed within 15 – 30 days of using our service. Selling your Parker Bros. shotgun through Dunlap Gun Consigners will guarantee you a fast, easy and completely legal process that removes all the stress that is usually involved with selling firearms privately.

Utilizing reliable sales data and cutting edge marketing tactics, positions us as a cut above the competition when it comes to consigning high value firearms such as Parker Bros. shotguns.

History of Parker Bros.

Parker Bros. made their first shotgun in Meriden, CT in 1854 and for more than 70 years produced some of the finest firearms that money could buy. Parker Bros. was purchased by Remington in 1934 and the Parker Bros. name ceased manufacturing in 1942 due to Remington’s increase in manufacturing weapons for World War II. Because of the limited amount of time that Parker Bros. shotguns were produced, there is a rarity and a mystique surrounding the name. It is believed that serial number 242,487 was the last Parker Bros. shotgun ever created.

When Parker began making shotguns, they manufactured both elaborate and plain models, but they did not distinguish between them in their sales literature except by the sales price. After some time, Parker Bros. developed a grading system that ranges, low to high quality and from grades 0 to 9. The grading system started at zero and began to rise as the shotguns became more elaborate and expensive. Eventually, the numerical grades were combined with letters to help differentiate the individual characteristics of the shotguns, but it did not last long: the letter grades became simplified and became essentially interchangeable with the numerical grading system.